Whether Routine Septic Pumping or Emergency Septic Tank Repair, Snohomish Septic Service is There

Residential septic pumping We understand there’s more to properly caring for your septic tank than a pumping truck and a hose into your tank.  Long-time members of the Washington On-Site Sewage Association (WOSSA), we’ve been caring for our neighbors’ septic systems in greater Snohomish County for over 50 years. Our experienced crews are trained to accomplish septic pumping quickly and with very little intrusion. We have a simple belief: Do it right the first time, every time.

How Often Should Septic Tanks be Pumped?

Septic tanks should be pumped and serviced every 3 to 5 years, depending on usage and number of users. Overfull problems can rapidly compound, and the ramifications of a septic system failure can be more than a major inconvenience; it affect your entire property and your family’s health.

Comprehensive, Professional Septic Repair

Grease trapIf septic tank pumping is postponed too long, the entire septic system can suffer damage. Pinpointing septic problems immediately and accurately is very important to ongoing system function, which is something our fifty years in the field has taught us to do very well. Our crew fully inspects, troubleshoots and repairs your septic tank and system; we also uninstall and reinstall complete systems along with drain field rejuvenation in a one-stop solution, if needed.

Emergency Septic System Service

Snohomish Septic Service provides day and night emergency septic service for septic tank ruptures, back-ups or any other kind of septic system failure. Snohomish Septic Service is standing by 24 hours per day Monday through Saturday to address the kinds of septic failures that can make a home uninhabitable. Call us and solve the problem before it becomes a disaster!

50 Years Of Septic Pumping and Repair Excellence

Serving Snohomish, Lake Stevens, Granite Falls, Everett, Arlington, Marysville, Monroe, Mill Creek, Lynnwood, and greater Snohomish and north King Counties