Important Septic System Lifespan Factors in Arlington

septic system lifespanAre you curious about how long your septic system in Arlington, Washington, will last? Generally, septic systems will remain functional for about 40 years. There are, however, several important factors that impact your tank and system.  One of the best ways to extend your septic system’s lifespan is to schedule regular maintenance and repair with a septic tank professional. Additionally, keeping the following elements in mind can help you predict the longevity of your septic system in Arlington.

Septic System Usage

The amount of water you and your family use, as well as the materials you put down your drains, are factors that drastically impact your septic system’s lifespan. The more water you use, the harder your septic system has to work to process it and the more frequently you should schedule septic tank pumping.

Soil and Moisture Conditions

Your septic tank expert probably examined the surrounding soil during your septic system installation, but ground water and surface water can also impact the drain field. Ask your septic specialist to examine you soil periodically to ensure the area is still ideal for your septic system.

Tree and Plant Proximity

Trees and plants with large roots can greatly impact your septic system’s lifespan. In fact, it’s not uncommon for roots to grow into a system components and cause damage that will ultimately require septic system repairs. Watch out for large plant life that could cause problems for your system over time.

Looking for a Septic System Professional in Arlington?

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