Signs of a Leach Field Problem in Lake Stevens

leach field problemAre you unsure if your septic system’s leach field is functioning properly in Lake Stevens, Washington? The leach field is an important component of a functioning septic system, and problems can lead to very expensive septic system repairs. Like septic tank pumping, leach field inspections should be scheduled regularly. If you notice any of the following signs, you probably have a leach field problem in Lake Stevens. If so, call a septic tank professional immediately.

Water Pooling in the Yard

A properly functioning leach field will filter waste water into the ground, where it can then be absorbed naturally. If you notice standing water in or near your leach field, you have a problem. It is probably the sign of damaged or clogged pipes. Have a septic system professional come assess the condition of your field right away. 

Odors Outside Your Home

When the leach field stops functioning properly, the effluent from your septic tank will begin to accumulate in the soil. This leads to the development of terrible odors. If you’re experiencing this leach field problem, it’s time to call your local septic tank expert.

Waste Backing Up Into Your Home

The worst-case scenario for leach field failures is the backup of waste into your home. When the system stops functioning, the only place for it to go is back up through your toilets and other household fixtures. If this problem occurs, the only solution is to have a septic system specialist come to resolve it.

Need Expert Assistance with Your Leach Field in Lake Stevens?

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