How to Locate Your Septic System

locate septic systemAre you unsure the location of your septic system on your property in Snohomish? In most cases you’ll know where your septic system is situated. If you’re unsure, however, it’s important to confirm as soon as possible so you can schedule any needed septic inspections and septic tank pumping. While your septic tank professional can help, here are three ways to locate the septic system on your property in Snohomish.

1. Look at Your Home Records

An easy way to locate your septic system is to look at a map of your property. If you just purchased your home, a map should be included with your inspection paperwork. Otherwise, your county probably saved a copy for their records. In many cases, property maps contain diagrams that will indicate the exact location of your system.

2. Check Overgrown Areas

Over time, your property has probably changed a lot. With constantly growing grass and foliage, it may be difficult to spot the location of your septic system, even with a map. As you search, keep your eyes peeled for unexplained high or low areas; that’s where your tank is probably buried.

3. Follow Your Piping

If you have a basement or crawl space, locating your home’s sewer pipe can help. Once you’ve found this pipe, you can follow it from your home to your septic system. Keep in mind that systems are generally placed 10-25 feet from your house.

Need Help Locating Your Septic System in Snohomish?

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