Indicators of a Septic System in Snohomish

septic system indicatorsDoes your home have a septic system? In most cases you will already know whether or not there’s a septic system on your property. If you’re unsure, however, it’s important to verify as soon as possible so that you can schedule any needed septic inspections and septic tank pumping. While you’ll likely require the assistance of a professional septic company to locate it, here are four septic system indicators to look for yourself.

1. You Have a Well

Many homes with a septic system also have a well. While a septic tank professional should verify this, if your house uses well water, you probably also have a septic system.

2. There’s No Meter

Another sign that you have a septic system is that there is no meter on the waterline coming into your home. This indicates your water usage isn’t tracked by the city.

3. Water Bills Show No Charge

If you receive water or property tax bills that indicate no charge for sewer services, you probably have a septic system.

4. Your Neighbors Have Septic Systems

Do your neighbors have septic systems? If so, you will probably have one too, since the city probably doesn’t provide sewer services in your community.

Need Help Locating Your Septic System in Snohomish?

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