Getting Ready for Septic Tank Pumping

septic tank pumpingIs it time for septic tank pumping? Generally speaking, you should have your septic tank pumped everything three to five years. This can vary based on the amount of water you and your family use, however. If it’s time to call in a septic tank professional, you may be unsure exactly what to expect from his visit. To ensure your septic tank pumping appointment goes off without a hitch, here are several great tips to help you get ready.

Manage Your Water

Preparing for septic tank pumping actually begins long before you ever call the septic company. It starts with proper water management and keeping up with regularly scheduled septic inspections.

Get Specifics

When it is time to contact a septic specialist, it’s a good idea to do some calling around. You will want to collect a list of prices for services, such as septic system installation and pumping. Always ask what the prices will include before committing to service.

Prepare for Surprises

Five years is a long time and while your tank may have been in perfect condition during your last pumping, a lot can change. Be prepared for surprises.

Keep Good Records

To help the process go smoother, be ready to share important information with your septic specialist. Know the age, size, and capacity of your septic tank, as well as the last time your system was serviced.

Ready for Your Septic Tank Pumping?

If it’s time to have your septic tank pumped, contact Snohomish Septic Service of the greater Snohomish county for assistance. One of our highly-trained and skilled septic specialists will be happy to provide the service you need. To learn more about our company and our current promotions, visit our website. Call (360) 310–4430 to schedule an appointment or to receive a free quote.

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