Septic System Summer Care Tips

septic system summer careSummer is the time for relaxation, social gatherings, and enjoying amazing weather outdoors. With all sorts of fun shenanigans going on, don’t forget about your septic system. It’s always important to keep up your regularly scheduled septic tank pumping and septic inspections. But each new season brings with it additional care aspects you should keep in mind. Neglecting to properly care for your system can result is big problems. In some cases you’ll need to install a new septic system installation. Here are a few septic system summer care tips to keep in mind.

Look for Standing Water

Depending on where you live, summer time often means an increase in rainfall. Many homeowners also increase the frequency with which they activate sprinklers. Unfortunately, saturating the ground around your septic system and drainfield can cause a number of big problems. Throughout the summer, make sure you watch out for standing water. Then contact your septic tank inspector right away if you believe it’s becoming an issue.

Inform Your Guests

Are you planning on throwing any cookouts or parties this summer? If so, make sure your guests are well informed about septic system best practices. Remind those you invite to refrain from flushing anything other than waste and toilet paper. It’s also important that you don’t allow guests to park or drive over your drainfield. This can cause serious damage to your pipes and septic system.

Plan Landscaping Accordingly

Do your own landscaping or pay someone else to do it for you? Always be mindful of where your septic system and pipes are located. Shallow-rooted plants, like grass, are acceptable. But you should avoid planting flowers, plants, and trees with deep root systems because they can damage piping.

Need Help with Your Septic System this Summer?

Do you need professional assistance with your septic system this summer? Contact Snohomish Septic Service of the greater Snohomish county today to get the help you require. Visit our website for more information about our current promotions or call (360) 310-4430 to schedule a free quote appointment.

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