How to Avoid Expensive Septic System Repairs

septic-system-partsIf you’re a homeowner with a septic system on your property, you already know septic tank pumping and septic inspections are simply part of the package. Having to make unexpected septic system repairs, however, can be an expensive hassle. Luckily, there are many ways you can help prevent septic tank malfunctions. Here are several great tips to help you avoid expensive septic system repairs in the future.

Use Your Trashcan

One of the best ways to avoid unneeded septic system repairs is to ensure any trash goes in the trashcan. It may be especially tempting to let food waste escape down the drain, but even items like potato peelings can be bad for your pipes and tank.

Keep Water Usage in Mind

From the first moment after your septic system installation, you should begin watching your water usage. Running your washing machine, dishwasher, and taking a shower all at once can cause a system overload. Flooding your system with too much fluid can cause a backup and, eventually, the need for repairs.

Avoid Flushing Salts and Chemicals

Everyday chemicals found in cleaning products are usually fine, but harsher solvents can cause issues for your septic system and should be disposed of properly. A chemical imbalance could lead to either a disruption in active bacteria or leach field drying, both problems that will require the attention of a professional septic tank inspector.

Do You Need Septic System Repairs?

Sometimes, it’s simply impossible to avoid the need for septic system repairs. When the time comes, make sure you call a professional for assistance. If your septic system needs attention now, contact Snohomish Septic Service of the greater Snohomish county today. Visit our website for information about our services and current promotions. Call (360) 310-4430 to schedule an appointment and to learn about our free quote offer.

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