What to Expect During a Septic System Inspection

septic system inspectionDo you have a septic system inspection scheduled but have no idea what to expect? It doesn’t matter whether you’ve just moved into a new home or had a recent septic system installation on your property. If this is your first meeting with a septic service company you may feel uncertain or nervous about the process. Don’t worry, septic inspections will become second-nature in no time! Here’s what homeowners can generally expect during a septic tank inspection.

Lots of Questions

The first thing you should expect from you septic tank inspector is a lot of questions. It’s important that you are prepared to answer these questions to the best of your knowledge. This will provide your inspector with greater insight into the condition of your system. He will likely ask about past usage, problems, and maintenance. He’ll also ask if you’ve noted any current issues, and how much you anticipate using the system in the future.

A Full Inspection

Your septic specialist should conduct a thorough inspection of your septic system. This will likely include checking liquid levels and looking for leaks. He will also assess water flow from the house to the tank and from the tank to the absorption area. You should also expect the inspector to check your drain field.

Possible Septic Tank Pumping

Septic tank pumping should occur every three to five years. It’s a regular part of septic tank maintenance and, unless you’ve recently had your system pumped, your specialist will probably do it during the inspection. Pumping your tank can help uncover hidden damage or concerns.

Scheduled a Septic System Inspection Today!

If it’s been a while since your last septic system inspection, Snohomish Septic Service of the greater Snohomish county is here to help. We perform quality inspections, maintenance, and installations. Visit our website for more information about our company, to view our current promotions, or request a free quote. You can also call us at (360) 310-4430 to schedule an appointment.

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