Caring for Your Septic System During the Winter

septic systemIf you live in a cold-climate area, winters can be hard on your septic system. Septic system maintenance is important all year long, but it’s absolutely essential that you properly care for your system when cold weather hits. It’s far easier and cheaper to make a few minor adjustments as the season changes than it is to call your septic service company for repairs later. Here are five ways to protect and care for your septic system during the winter.

Keep to Your Pumping Schedule

You should perform septic tank pumping regularly all year. Don’t get behind schedule. The last thing you want is to realize you are weeks or months past due on pumping when a huge snow storm hits.

Clear Away Nearby Plants

To avoid costly septic system repairs, make sure that any plants, trees, or bushes are cleared away. While undoubtedly attractive, the roots beneath ground can do a lot of damage to your septic system tank.

Treat Your System Right

Septic inspections can only get you so far; proper maintenance means treating your system right all the time. Don’t wash grease and other non-biodegradable items down your drains; and stay away from harsh cleaning chemicals.

Use Mulch to Protect Your System from Cold

If your septic system is newly installed or has poor ground cover, consider putting down a layer of mulch. Doing this will help protect your system from freezing when it gets cold.

Refrain from Driving Over Your Septic Tank

It’s important to avoid driving over your septic system, especially after a big snow. Doing so can result in snow compaction, which is when the snow is compressed closer to your system. Snow compaction can result in your septic system’s freezing more easily.

Start Preparing Your Septic System for Winter Today!

Winter is approaching quickly and, for some, the freezing cold weather is already here. Make sure you and your septic system are prepared ahead of time. The Septic Group can help with septic inspections, tank pumping, and repairs. To learn more about our company and view special offers, visit our website. Call (360)310-4430 to schedule an appointment and don’t forget to ask about our free quote offer!

Septic System Maintenance During the Winter

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