Septic Inspections Will Save You Money Over Time

snohomish septic serviceThe care and maintenance of your septic system here in Snohomish County should be focused on making sure small problems don’t become large ones. That means septic system inspections should be routine. There are two places you need to pay special attention to: the intake and outlet areas. These areas have inspection ports that allow you to see inside the tank. There is an entry centrally located between these two ports under a manhole that’s used for pumping solids out.

Proper Septic Tank Pumping Procedures

The reason pumping should go through the central opening is that there are baffles, or sanitary tees, located at either end of the septic tank. These help regulate the flow wastewater to their proper location. At the intake the pipe sends wastewater from the house down into the main part of the tank. A wall baffle directs the entering water downwards. If these weren’t there, the wastewater would stay on top of the scum layer and harden, preventing wastewater from flowing and causing a sewage backup in your home.

A Baffling Wastewater Issue

At the other end there are baffles, or sanitary tees, regulating the flow into the drain field. Poorly treated wastewater may get released into the drain field, creating an unsanitary and expensive problem. That’s why pumping needs to be done through the manhole. The risk of damaging the baffles at either end make pumping out from these ports risky. Wear and tear is another reason to have these two areas inspected every year or two.

Other Septic System Inspection Tasks

You may want a septic professional to inspect an older tank for signs of wear, damage and uneven settling. The entry and exit areas would be most affected by this effect of settling after installation. To prevent clogs at these sites repairs may need to be made. The Septic Group at 360-310-4430 can be your go-to professionals for inspections, installation, pumping and repair of septic systems. We’ve been doing these jobs for more than half a century. Take advantage of one of our special offers today and have a safe and healthy holiday season.

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Edited by Justin Vorhees