Home Improvements and your Septic System

snohomish-septic8If you’re used to owning a home that uses a septic system, you may not think much about it except when it should be pumped out. Many fall into the trap of not considering what a few home improvements might mean to the system. Take something like adding a garbage disposal. You’ve wanted one for years and when you finally get it you learn the hard way that it’s overtaxing the system. This is a problem that often occurs with an older system that just isn’t capable of handling the added burden of the disposal.

Expanding your Home and the Septic System

Another problem may come up if you add a bedroom or bathroom. You must make sure the contractor has gotten the proper permits before taking on this kind of project. A fourth bedroom and another bath can definitely over tax a system that was built for a three bedroom, one-and-a-half bath home. Some people have erroneously thought about this and assume that they can just expand the system. However, that may not be possible. Your local Washington State municipality may have established the number of bedrooms that a home with a septic system can have due to the amount of area they want to allow you to use for a system on your lot.

This regulation also affects new home construction. Starting from scratch may mean you can build a large multi-bedroom home on your lot, but check the regulatory landscape before making the commitment. Some builders may try to get around these restrictions by calling some rooms by a name other than a bedroom. Be sure you’re home us actually up to code or risk bigger problems down the road.

Buying an Older Home with a Septic System

Do an inspection of the property and drain field before making any kind of offer on an older home. Inspections by experienced and knowledgeable personnel should be completed as well. Ask for a copy of all maintenance records of the system. You may also want to compare water usage in your old home with the usage of the current owners to be sure this system is a good fit for your family.

When looking at a home or a lot where there will be new construction, Snohomish Septic Service can help you with all the information you will need. We can inspect your system, offer advice on maintenance issues or talk about building a system for your custom home. Please call us at 360-310-4430 today; if you’re a current septic system user, take advantage of one of our special offers.
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