Water Conservation Can Save Your Septic System

snohomish-septicThe owner of a septic system in Snohomish County can usually count on plenty of rainfall to keep lawn sprinkler usage to a minimum. That’s one way we get to conserve water in The Pacific Northwest. However, septic system owners should know to divert rainwater away from their drain field.

Saving Water Adds to Your Septic System’s Life

There have been many innovations to help homeowners save water on a daily basis. These same strategies can also help you care for your septic system. The more care you take, the less chance you’ll need emergency services for your septic system.

  • Use low-flow shower heads, faucets, and toilets
  • Try your best to take quicker showers
  • Buy water conserving washers and dishwashers when replacing them
  • Only use the washer and dishwasher when they’re full
  • Schedule laundry over a few days to ease the amount of water flowing into the system on any one day
  • Fix leaky faucets and toilets quickly – they’re costing you more than you might think
  • Try cleaning clogged drains with baking soda instead of chemical compounds

Speaking of chemicals, you should keep as many as possible away from the drains that flow into your septic system. Take care when painting and washing up. You don’t want remnants of paint and other solvents from the brushes or your hands getting into the system. Other tough jobs like car work that require more than regular hand soap for cleaning might be better done outside using the hose.

Do your best to keep fat and grease from going down the kitchen drain. Also, avoid septic cleaners. They usually aren’t necessary as the waste from everyday life should create all the necessary bacteria that your system needs to function properly in the primary cleaning phase.

These ideas go a long way to keep your septic system running efficiently. When there is trouble, you’ll want reliable, top quality help. That’s where Snohomish Septic Service comes in. We offer new septic tank installations as well as septic system inspections, pumping, backup solutions, and any other emergency assistance you may need. Call our office at (360) 310-4430 and take advantage of our online $25.00 coupon for an operational report on your system today.
Edited by Justin Vorhees

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