Benefits of Regular Septic Tank Cleaning

CLEANINGMost people don’t want to think about what happens to water and waste once it disappears down the drain.  For homeowners with a septic system however, that waste and water can have a profound impact on the health of their family and on their wallet – long after it is out of sight.

A septic tank requires a whole different plan of attack when it comes to maintenance and operation than a sewage system.  Homeowners with septic tanks on their properties need to be mindful of water usage and what goes down the drain.  They should also have the septic system cleaned regularly in order to ensure proper operation and to minimize health risks for their family and community.

The Importance of Regular Septic Tank Cleanings

Having a professional perform septic tank cleaning puts a set of well trained eyes on your entire septic system.  During the septic tank cleaning or pumping process, the service technician will evaluate the system as a whole to identify minor issues so they can be addressed before they become serious problems.

Identifying problems with a filter or baffle early on can allow for a quick and inexpensive repair in order to restore proper operation of your septic system.  If these problems went unnoticed, they could contribute to back-ups, leaks or cracks in the system that might require a complete septic system replacement (which may cost thousands of dollars).

Regular septic tank cleanings also remove excess buildup inside the tank.  This allows solids and sludge to break down as designed and prevents potentially hazardous materials passing into the drain field.  When the sludge and solids are kept in the tank for proper breakdown it helps ensure that the surrounding environment and water sources are clean and safe.

Signs that Septic Tank Cleaning is Needed

Depending on the size of your tank and the number of people in the residence, an appropriate schedule for a septic tank cleaning could involve one visit per year or as infrequent as every three years.  Even if you have had a cleaning in the not too distant past, there are some signs that indicate maintenance is necessary.

If your toilets and drains are running slow or you notice unusual odors around toilets, drains or sinks it could be a sign that there is buildup or a clog in your system.  The professionals at Snohomish Septic Service have the training and tools necessary to diagnose and repair your septic system issue.  Our field techs are well versed in cleanings, inspections, complete pump outs and even septic system replacement – so whatever the issue with your tank, we’ve got the equipment and skills to get your home’s plumbing running safely again.

Do You Need Septic Tank Cleaning in Snohomish?

Edited by Justin Vorhees